Bamfield, British Columbia, Canada
Summer of 2017 Sport Fishing Relatively Good Around Bamfield
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The summer of 2017 around the Bamfield area had some great sport fishing. There definitely were days that were better than others especially during the first half of the season. June actually had some nice Chinook and Coho landed by various anglers in the middle of the month to months end along the Bamfield Wall and also from Whittlestone out to Beale. July, August and September were average with the best fishing in late August through mid September at Whittlestone and Beale. The Bamfield Wall to Nanat Island also had some good late August and early September fishing as West Coast Vancouver Island Chinook and Coho made their way to various streams, creeks and rivers. That being said the Wall was not as terrific as the last couple of years. Kirby, Edward King and the backside of Fleming had good fishing also from mid August through mid September. The Big Bank in July was excellent for Chinook and Halibut. The halibut fishing slowed in August but Chinook and Coho were excellent to the end of the month and into September. There were a lot of Coho on the Big Bank in September but many were not clipped. Wild Coho as usual have to be released. The salmon fishing pretty much dropped off by around the Bamfield area by the Thanksgiving Weekend. There continued to be a few nice sized Coho with the largest fish landed by one of our guests coming in at eighteen pounds. That fish was landed close to Nanat Island. We are looking forward to a very good 2018 season. We have fantastic accomodation and fishing packages. Some of our prime dates for the 2018 season are beginning to disappear. It is wise to organize early and not late. Call Doug for more information at 250 731 7389.
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